Get The Most From Your Telephone Town Hall Experience.

Campaigns and political organizations require an extremely concerted effort to succeed. In order to spread your political message, you’ll need to reach out to your most loyal voters and supporters. While you may travel around your city or state – or even across the country, whether you believe it or not – you can’t visit everybody; there is just not enough time. Other political campaign matters demand your focused attention.

At Strategic Campaign Group, we understand how many activities you need to juggle as a candidate or leader of a political organization. To help you achieve widespread connection with your voters and supporters, use our Telephone Town Hall services powered by Tele-Town Hall.

We Provide Telephone Town Hall Meetings

The idea of a Telephone Town Hall is simple: connect candidates and organization leaders to voters through telephone / teleforum conference calls, video screens, and audio channels. These events can add an extremely advantageous edge to your campaign or organization, as many different parties gather together where they otherwise would be unable to.

Our award-winning Tele-Town Hall technology allows you to poll an audience, receive voters and supporters’ questions, accept donations, and broadcast your political platform and message via the telephone and internet. A standard Telephone Town Hall event includes:

  • Staff Chat
  • Live Question & Answer
  • Listen-Only Line
  • Time Survey Questions
  • Quick Effective Data Reporting

We also offer additional features like personalized welcome messages. You and your political team can save yourselves from time-draining trips when you let Strategic Campaign Group help your campaign or organization with its political outreach with our Telephone Town Hall services.

Your Campaign or Organization Can Succeed

Our Telephone Town Hall services will put you in control of your next campaign or organization event. You’ll benefit from an increased pool of political followers and the widespread diffusion of your campaign or organization’s platform and values.

As you proceed with your campaign or organization in today’s competitive political landscape, you need your voice to reach the general public. Our Tele-Town Hall technology will open doors and allow your political message to be heard where it otherwise might not have the chance. With our telephone communication services, we can also help you raise the funds you need for your campaign or organization to thrive and ultimately be successful.

Choose Strategic Campaign Group for your Telephone Town Hall needs. Call us at 443-569-5900 for more information.

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