Republican Campaign Consulting

What is a political campaign consultant?

A political campaign consultant is someone with the experience and knowledge of running political campaigns. Political campaign consultants are most valuable for their ability to navigate the political process, including everything from candidate registration and announcing to marketing and speech writing.

Why should I hire a political consultant?

Hiring an experienced political consultant gives candidates a dedicated campaign expert that is familiar with all the ins-and-outs of political consulting and management. Our political consultants have successfully managed campaigns at the national, state, and local level.

How are political consultants paid?

It depends. Some consultants will be paid a salary rate while others may take a commission on all campaign expenditures. Strategic Campaign Group will create a plan that works best for your political needs.

Direct Mail

What is Direct Mail?

Direct mail marketing involves the creation and distribution of persuasive materials to a designated area or group of people through the mail. Direct mail campaigns from Strategic Campaign Group focus on political and organizational outreach with award-winning results.

Why should I use Direct Mail Marketing?

Because it works! Proper direct mail marketing involves a detailed analysis of your target market and careful crafting of materials to ensure the highest possible conversion rates.

Can I use my non-profit status to receive discount mailing rates?

If your company is registered as a non-profit organization with the Post Office (not just with the IRS) you can mail at non-profit rates. But, non-profit organizations will not be able to take advantage of the discounted rates until they have completed the approval process through the Post Office.

Telephone Town Halls

What is a Telephone Town Hall?

A telephone town hall is a powerful and convenient marketing platform used for conducting large (and small) meetings via the telephone. Participants are able to ask questions, take surveys and polls, as well as donate through the secure Telephone Town Hall platform. Strategic Campaign Group is also able to provide audio and video webcasting through smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers. Each Telephone Town Hall comes with a dedicated staff of telephone operators that are experienced in managing multiple campaigns simultaneously.

How does it work?

Telephone Town Halls use a dedicated telephone line and web interface to dial out to a pre-selected group of willing participants. As participants answer the call, they are pulled into the virtual meeting and allowed to participate in the conversation through their telephone. Strategic Campaign Group also offers audio and video webcasting services.

How many people can participate in a Telephone Town Hall?

There is no maximum limit to the number of people who can participate in a Telephone Town Hall meeting. With larger meetings, the candidate or speaker may not be able to answer each question asked by the participants. In this case, Strategic Campaign Group allows speakers to review unasked questions and deliver answers to those participants even after an event has expired.

Voter Contact Telephone Programs

What is a Robo Call?

A Robo Call is a prerecorded message delivered via the telephone that attempts to persuade the recipient into supporting a particular candidate or cause. A well-known figure or prominent speaker whose voice and position are familiar to the constituents being courted typically records Robo Calls.

What are Live Voter Contact Programs?

Live Voter Contact Programs are calls made by live operators, most likely in a call center, that attempt to persuade recipients into supporting a particular candidate or cause. They differ from Robo Calls in that they are not pre-recorded messages.

How many calls can Strategic Campaign Group make in a day?

Strategic Campaign Group is able to dial out to millions of telephones each day. Our telephone technology provides accurate reporting of all metrics and allows us to show a detailed return on investment for every campaign.


What kind of fundraising is Strategic Campaign Consulting involved?

Strategic Campaign Group is involved in political and organizational fundraising for Republican candidates and conservative organizations.